As the coffee supply comes to an all-time low and those all-important Zzz’s become a distant memory, it’s easy for camera reels to be neglected and milestones to be missed.

Capturing your little one’s oh-so-cute years, from wriggly baby to chatterbox toddler, I’m here to create a visual timeline as your child learns to navigate the world, all the way through to momentous occasions as your high schooler graduates, as well as the bittersweet moment as your not-so-little-one flies the nest and heads to college. Whether you’re looking to add a personal stamp onto your home, or you’re on a quest to create an arsenal of photos to bring out at every birthday party, I love documenting forever memories.

Fresh 48 Newborn photography

The first moments of life often whizz by, with an endless stream of visits and sleepless nights in tow. I love to help new parents live in the moment, documenting your little one’s firsts in a relaxed setting where you can just ‘be’. No expectations or pressure. Just beautifully authentic photos for you to cherish. Having worked as a newborn photographer for over a year (capturing keepsakes of hundreds of babies!), I specialize in capturing natural snaps that will take you back to that very moment, with not a dry eye in sight!

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