Meet the face behind the lens

Hello! I’m Jan. A San Francisco-based wedding and portrait photographer, illustrator, animator, and visual storyteller…Phew! That was a mouthful.

I specialize in capturing blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, from the tear-jerking to the knee-slappingly entertaining, all with an artsy twist. Friendly and easygoing, I create authentic memories filled with laughter, light, and love; the pinnacle of humanity, where the seemingly mundane meets the extraordinary.

And when I’m not creating keepsakes, or as I like to call it, visual wizardry? I’m a book-reading, art-creating, movie-watching wife and mother of three, with big dreams and a love of good humor.

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Live my journey

It all began during my self-discovering college years. I was always set on becoming a feature film animator, but given an opportunity to capture raw moments enshrined in the most artistic of ways, I reveled in life behind the lens. Gaining valuable experience from prized artists, coupled with an assistant role, I honed my skills and lived out my dream of viewing life with rose-tinted spectacles. An innate sense of wonder, awe, lightheartedness, wit, and humor.

And so… here I am! A champion of diversity, I’m continually thankful for everybody who chooses me to capture their most special moments, with everything from the weird to the wonderful in my repertoire. A nerd at heart, I enjoy the theory side of my craft, forever finding myself analyzing how expertly-executed movies are made, from the use of composition to the range of camera angles, as well as different lenses to tell stories. A practice that lends itself to head-turning photography work.